Sales within Canada
Shipping fees are only CAD 6.49$ with Canada Post .
Express Shipping can be done on demand.
Email to: [email protected]
However, sales tax will be added to your total.

International sales
Shipping costs will be added to your total.
The shipping of the book (only in USA) is only CAD 6.49$
Shipping of the serigraphs

DHL International USA is only CAD 6.49$
Europe CAD 70$
Asia CAD 100$

Customers are responsible for any customs fees.
However, duties rarely apply on works of art.
For special demands email: [email protected]

Returns: Within 30 days

Silkscreen prints are printed on fine paper that should be handled with care.
Prints can only be returned if they are intact and the paper is undamaged (no marks, creases or stains). Unpacking and repacking prints can be tricky if you’ve never done it before.

We recommend opening your packaged prints at a framing shop. That way, if you decide to return the item, the professionals on site will be able to help you. Framing specialists are used to working with fragile artworks.

Customers are responsible for return shipping costs.

Loyalty program
We offer 20% off your second order.

The advantages of buying Canadian
No customs fees
Pay in Canadian dollars